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So the other night I finally got to watch the movie directed by Clint Eastwood called “Hereafter” with Matt Damon as the main character George who is a psychic medium that desperately wishes to live a normal life.

I’ve wanted to watch this movie since it was released, but never could seem to get my husband on board to watch it.  Funny how anytime he wants me to watch a movie he recorded on DVR like “Breakin” from the 80’s, I reluctantly agree because I can see he’s so excited.  Yet when I want to watch a movie, he often reacts as if the movie I picked digitally contains a virus that will cause his estrogen levels to increase to the point of hot flashes, or that it will put him to sleep like Ambien and literally “take him away” in a coma-like slumber. Thanks buddy… I’ll remember that the next time you want to watch a movie.

So I was left to watch the movie on my own which is just fine. At least he checked the DVR schedule to make sure nothing was scheduled to record.  There is nothing I hate more than to find that the DVR has changed the channel on me.

Back to the movie…I found their take on how George was trying to shut out his abilities and shut down anyone that wanted to have a reading interesting, because more often than not, you typically find people with the gifts he had shutting everything out due to fear that “dead people” would follow them everywhere.  Like their life was like walking through a horror movie where a mob of the living dead were following them and hounding them to come to the dark side, or to solve their murder case.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in his shoes where I felt out of control with the experiences I was having and didn’t have a way to control things and that is when I shut things out. However, I would not have been able to shut the door on the grieving woman that came crying to me desperately wishing to connect with her son.

In my mind, one thing that didn’t fit with the typical pattern most psychics go through is how he got to the point where he couldn’t handle the emotions of doing psychic readings. Any psychic no matter what your niche gift is, understands they are a communicator and carry a big responsibility on their shoulders and in doing so, has to make sure their intentions are in the right place and that they have done the work to protect themselves.  I also found it difficult to understand that he focused on how  his gift separated him from the norm, instead of seeing how he was often a catalyst for healing in people’s lives.

Personally, I wanted to slap him through the TV for the “woe is me” aspect and blaming his unhappiness on his gift, when really the issue was that he chose to isolate himself. Yes, there are times I remember feeling like I stuck out like a sore thumb from other people because I didn’t know anyone that experienced psychic things like I did. But hell, I already felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb and couldn’t pretend to be normal since I was visibly missing fingers. (no pun intended on the thumb-finger comment).  Bottom line, I never felt my psychic abilities or my lack of finger dexterity defined who I was as a person.  They are aspects of my being, not my being in entirety, but that’s another topic.

In any case, I thought the movie was okay and that it could have been better written especially when it came to how they could have better depicted the synchronicity that led up to the ending.  As much as I loved Sixth Sense, I’m happy to see a movie out there about psychic phenomena that doesn’t involve a doe-y eyed child seeing people running around with a gaping wound in the side of their head or other terrifying experiences that my inner-child would have peed their pants over.  But the movie didn’t take my breath away or make me feel connected to it even though I’m connected to the whole psychic-phenomena thing.

In this case, the writers did such a good job of creating George’s tendency to isolate himself, that they managed to make me feel isolated from the story as well. It’s up to you to watch it and my opinion is only one opinion. If you’ve watched the movie, I welcome feedback and commentary on what you thought.


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  1. Susan G

    I am glad I was not the only one who felt the way you did. I too wanted to slap George for his “woe is me” attitude. I kept feeling like he should have been thankful and joyful in the fact that he was able to share such a gift with others. I think the producers/writers of the movie missed the mark on this one – they had a captive audience – they could have shed some positive and inspirational light on the subject and they turned down another road instead.

  2. Tammy

    I am a psychic, and I work for a network many hours a week and almost daily anymore I scream, “I know how George felt!!!”. When you do this work for a living, it starts to wear on you. If all people who came to you were open, wanting to genuinely know the truth, that would be awesome. But the majority of people are demanding about trying to force answers out of you that don’t exist about lost loves that just aren’t there and won’t be there for them again! And they DON’T want to hear it. And like George, I wish I could just QUIT. People who test you, harass you, cling to you, the psychic vampires…. I completely understand what he went through in that movie. This world can run a person ragged with having to stretch your God given talents further than you ever should or want to, to be able to make a living. And then there are those who treat psychics like an automated service, with no concern or compassion for the person who is opening herself up to see for that person. Tonight, factory work seems like a great option over doing readings ever ever again.

    • Teresa

      Thanks for commenting and giving your honest feedback and experience Tammy. I hear ya withhow taxing it could be. I honestly don’t think I could work for a network and have turned them down personally. Just not my cuppa tea because I’d feel taxed with the number if readings through thereand would kinda feel like I was working as a customer phone rep again. (Not knocking that profession, it just wore on me over time). Once things become toxic I look for a way to balance. Much love, respect and good vibes to you!

  3. Helen

    im a psychic,i enjoyed reading your blog,i have to say i agree i feel he should have been thankful and joyful.

    • Teresa

      Thanks Helen!


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