What Clients Are Saying…

“It was a wonderful reading. Very insightful.”

“I found out about Romana through my daughter and Facebook. We wanted to experience the essence of Romana.  It was a wonderful reading and you [Romana] are definitely comfortable in your own skin, and very insightful.  A wonderful experience.  Thank you. I felt very appreciative of the added attention and time alotted to my reading. I came away feeling Romana was very insightful and intuitive, especially about that ‘ego’ voice of mine.” -Caren S., St. Louis MO

“She explained the reading in detail.”

“She did exceed her allotted time on the session but I felt it was for my benefit. She explained the reading in detail. Yes, it was beneficial and helpful. I felt very comfortable with her in my session.” -Verlynn I., St. Louis MO.

“…said things I needed to hear…”

“Felt very appreciative, enjoyed the extra time,  felt a little guilty, wished I could afford to pay more. Felt it was beneficial, said things I needed to hear to keep me uplifted and positive about my future, wished I could do another session and keep up the momentum.” – Sara E, St. Louis MO

“By far you were our most popular event!”

“Every year our group has had a holiday party and we have done all kinds of things from meeting up at a local bar and grill, to karaoke and by far you were the most popular event. You were the event they were most excited about and couldn’t wait to have you!” – Sara S, Kirkwood MO

“I felt really optimistic…”

“I felt the reading was very beneficial. I felt really optimistic after the reading.” – Teena, St. Louis MO

“I felt calm – it helped put a lot of things in perspective.”

“[The extra time] was an added benefit. I was very appreciative. It really made me feel that she cared about me and my reading. I felt calm – it helped put a lot of things in perspective.” – Anonymous

“Bless you!”

“Thank you for reading at the party Sunday. Gave me much to think about. May need you for guidance down the road. Working on good changes. You confirmed what I knew to be true. Bless you! You were put on my path.” -Carol, Maplewood MO

“…everything she said resonated with me and was right on.”

“I had a reading with Romana Powers and it was fabulous. I found it to be very interesting and everything she said resonated with me and was right on. In addition to making me feel comfortable during the reading, she also explained how numerology and tarot cards worked so that it was easy to understand. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is looking for a reputable psychic.”  – Jade G., Belleville IL

“You’re the real deal.”

“You were amazing! Everybody loved their readings. You are awesome and welcome back anytime. Carol was telling us that she’s seen a few psychics before, and you’re the real deal. One of the best!” – Debbie G., St. Louis MO

“You did it again!”

“So you did it again… You said during our reading that my next relationship would be the best…. OMG I just met a man who is so amazing he makes me cry (happy tears of course)!” -Kelly K., St. Louis MO

“…definitely beneficial…”

“It was definitely beneficial. Romana doesn’t just give you a reading and say here you go, sit and wait. She offers ways to improve yourself and possibly just get better things in life.” -Barbara R., St. Peters MO

“Hit the nail on the head…”

“I was glad I recorded my session, so I could go back & listen to it again, because she hit the nail on the head about things that were occurring in my life & I want to take her advice.” – Tami S., Soulard – St. Louis MO

“Right on!”

“Thought you might want to know. One of the women at the party Sunday was wanting a new job,the job she had applied for had nothing to do with numbers.  You saw that she would get a job that had to do with numbers and would find out this week.  On Monday she found out she was offered and accepted a better position that involved numbers. Right on!” – Nancy McA., St. Charles MO

“They all loved it.”

“Thank you so much! I got nothing but positive feedback from everyone – they all loved it.” – Allison J., Maplewood MO

“Everyone felt you were spot on with the readings!”

“It was very helpful! My friends were skeptical before my party and by the end they were all in line to meet you and have a reading. We had to extend you an extra hour. Everyone felt you were spot on with the readings! You were a great addition to the party! – Lindsey W., Brentwood MO

“Very beneficial and informative.”

“Very beneficial and informative, also helpful with suggestions made for reading or research were provided by Romana.” -Tiffany J., O’Fallon

“It felt organic and real.”

“Thank you for taking the time to explain things to me. You are definitely not in this for anything else other than to give insight to people and help…THAT is refreshing. I also didn’t feel like you imposed your opinions on me or gave me false hope. It felt “organic” and real. The insight you gave me into my current situation was great. And I feel like I can come to you as more of a counselor [as well]…you’re able to tap into me, see what’s happening and guide me almost. Very helpful. It alleviated a lot of my stress and put me at ease. ” -Annie C., St. Louis MO

“I’m thankful for people like you who are willing to go the extra mile…”

“It was a very profound reading with the extent you did and the clarity with which you saw and explained everything. The things you said where dead on and your way of explaining the bigger picture was great. I am thankful for people like you who are willing to go the extra mile to help others.”  – Anonymous

“Advice given was very good and plan to implement it.”

“Said a prayer and hoped I was being guided to the person who would be able to help.  I feel the advice given was very good and plan to implement it.  Also the book suggestions are good as they are in line with the questions I was asking. I feel the reading was very beneficial.” – Anonymous

“I’m usually pretty skeptical, but this was reassuring.”

“I felt like it was ironically right on. I’m usually pretty skeptical, but this was reassuring, and a much different experience than what some of my friends were saying their experience was with one of the other ladies that was there.”  – Anonymous


“It lifted a weight from my shoulders.”

“I really want to thank you. The advice you gave me during the reading was a big help and has lifted a weight from my shoulders.” – Emily H., Carbondale, IL

“Everyone was still raving about you…we are already in the works to book another party.”

“Thank you!  You were awesome, everyone was still raving about you yesterday! Additional feedback: “She was very well to work with, everyone at my party LOVED her and we are already in the works to book another party in the next month or two to invite those that couldn’t make this one…” – Rebecca O., Arnold, MO

“You were a total hit!”

“You were a total hit!  I loved having you.  Thank you for your professionalism and caring soul.  We truly had a wonderful time with you.” – Tammy S., Dardenne Prairie, MO

“Romana Powers made everyone comfortable and was right on with her readings.”

“Last night’s Readings by Romana was so much fun! Everyone was so excited to share their readings with everyone else 🙂 Romana Powers made everyone feel comfortable and was right on with her readings. Thanks Romana!” – I am what I am Boutique on Main Street, St. Charles, MO 

“By the end of the night, everyone was laughing, having a great time comparing readings.”

“We had a party at our home with some close friends.  We usually do a theme or something special at each party to make it unique and memorable.  This time we decided upon a tarot card readings by Romana. I have never had a tarot card reading done before and not sure if everyone would get into having a tarot card reading.  By the end of the night, everyone was laughing having a great time comparing readings.  Even our friends that were stand-offish at first ended up having a reading, everyone was very impressed with Romana and her reading skills.   We highly recommend her and would refer her out to anyone!” – Cheryl S., St. Charles, MO

“I had entered feeling worried, stuck and stagnant, and left feeling validated about myself.”

“I was ecstatic, I had gotten way more than I expected, and pretty much everything I’d been hoping for, I had entered feeling worried, stuck and stagnant, and left feeling validated about myself and knowing that I had been giving more opportunities to grow parts of me that hadn’t been able to grow in a long while.” – Sammi D., Chesterfield, MO

“Conversations that you have with her will astonish you.”

“The power of Numerology is amazing in itself; however, when you throw in the additional insight and comprehension that Romana has, the conversations that you have with her will astonish you.  I have visited numerous times with one of the ‘best’ psychics in the mid-west and although they were great experiences, Romana just has that extra something that amazes me. And even though readings should be “just for fun”, after a meeting with Romana you will see that the time spent with her is actually an opportunity to get to know yourself better. I love Romana and will remain a lifelong friend and client of hers.”  Miranda A., St. Charles, MO

“She was accurate, explaining everything in detail.”

“Romana revealed things that I didn’t even know about myself.  She was accurate, explaining everything in detail.  I trust her judgment and now I am a regular client.” – Connie M., Chesterfield, MO

“Romana has a God-given gift to inspire and guide others!”

“I met Romana while taking a series of classes about Numerology. As I got to know her better I became aware of the fact that she had many hidden talents, one of which was reading Tarot cards. One night I had the opportunity to have Romana read my cards. Within minutes of the first spread she was tapping into some very personal situations. She very intuitively offered guidance and wisdom for many areas of my life and did it effortlessly and with care. I have been to many spiritual guides/psychics in my lifetime and I can confirm that the Romana has a God-given gift to inspire and guide others!”  – Anonymous

“I’ve visited a few psychics in my time, and she beat them all.”

“Romana is amazingly insightful.  All of my readings with her have been right on the money.  She picks up on things I was only vaguely aware of, and works with me to gain a deeper understanding of what’s going on in my life.  I really appreciate the time she takes to problem-solve with me – and her advice is always exactly what I need. She’s great … I mean really really great.  I’ve visited a few psychics in my time, and she beat them all.” –Lori S., Chesterfield, MO

“She zoned in right away on what was on my mind even without me asking…”

“I had wanted to get a tarot card reading for a long time so when I found Romana it was perfect.  She zoned in right away on what was on mind even with out me asking her any questions.  I felt so relieved after the reading because I felt less worried knowing this was a period in my life that was temporary.  Romana was great in that she was very detailed and took her time and really explained everything almost as if she had known what was going in my life.  I will definitely be getting another reading from her!” – Georgia G., St. Charles, MO

“I definitely look forward to receiving another reading in the future!”

“When I was in a low point of my life, I reached out to Romana Powers for some direction.  Not only did she make me feel more positive about myself, but she gave me suggestions on how to get through hard times, and to understand my own personality.  I definitely look forward to receiving another reading in the future!  Thank you for being so understanding and giving me insight on what to do in my situation and looking forward to the future!” – Tara A., Kirkwood, MO

St. Louis Top Psychic

St. Louis Top Psychic

Integrity, quality, and compassion are just a few of Romana’s core values  which led her to ask for honest-to-goodness feedback from her clients.

“Very beneficial and a great experience.” – Anonymous


“I have only seen psychics that have been recommended or that I know. I know her personally and knew she was a caring intuitive. The readings were insightful, full of wisdom and given with love. She was a true professional!” – Susan G., O’Fallon, MO


“I think it was very beneficial and I”m really interested in coming back.” – Anonymous


“Yes, I was really glad I had done it. My Reading was really helpful and informative.” – Anonymous


“She was amazing!” – Heather C., St. Louis, MO


“She was very helpful, professional, and her prices were reasonable.” – Jessi G., St. Charles, MO


“I thought it was really beneficial and helpful. It helped me understand what I want more from the spiritual side of life.” – Anonymous

These girls made their cocktail night unique with readings.

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