Personal Readings

Numerology + Tarot + Intuition

My readings start off with a snapshot of your personal Numerology: Your Life Path Number, current and upcoming Personal Years. I then move on to tarot cards and use them in tandem with my psychic abilities to communicate to you the information I receive. The less information I know upfront about you, the better because it allows me to interpret the information in an honest and uninhibited manner. I may pass on resources for you to look further in to after the reading or resources I think will help. I then finish with a pull from an oracle deck, most often an Angel deck. It’s all dependent on time allotted for the reading.

Psychic Parties

I enjoy working Psychic parties in the St. Louis area and have worked many in the area for various occasions and functions: bachelorette parties, happy hours, singles groups, business/client functions, Halloween parties, New Years Eve parties, etc. Reading times vary depending on group size and time allotted. I work with the host and event planner to make sure I give the best reading experience to tailor to your group and function. I like to help make your parties fun and entertaining for all involved. Contact me for more information.

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching is often incorporated into my readings. However, someone may seek out additional spiritual guidance to work through a situation that requires more attention and care. I’ve worked with people in the past to deal with many different situations and use my psychic abilities to work with the individual to identify the root issues that are causing the distress for the person in the present. Often exploring the psyche as to how to bring about positive change or healing. Contact me for details and rates.





“Romana has a God-given gift to inspire and guide others.” – Susan G., O’Fallon, MO



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DISCLAIMER: This website is the only official on-line source of information regarding Teresa Romana Powers. Teresa Romana makes absolutely no representations or endorsements of any other web-sites containing information about her. The advice you receive during a reading with a spiritual advisor or psychic counselor is at all times subject to your own interpretation and discernment. No psychic is 100% accurate. Teresa Romana is in no way, responsible legally or otherwise for your thoughts, choices, and/or actions based on the content of your reading. For medical questions, those should be sought out by a medical professional. These readings should not be substituted for any legal, medical, or any other form of "clinical" advice that you have from a specialist in the field. Teresa Romana and/or anyone else she endorses in her favorite links, blog posts, and articles are to be considered and used for entertainment purposes only.


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