11.11.11 What’s the big deal and how I made mine an important day.

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So we have all heard of people picking 11.11.11 as a date for big events in their life like: marriage, births (they’re trying at least), commitment ceremonies, etc. Even people not interested in Numerology or the metaphysical have paid attention to this date.
Don’t Believe me? Here’s the L.A. Times slideshow of weddings around the world that chose this date for its symbolism. (I also highly recommend you look at photo #4 in the slideshow. WTH!)

One caption describes a pastor’s wedding bookings for the day from 6AM to 12AM midnight! Can you imagine sending out invitations for a 6AM wedding? If I were to get an invitation in the mail for a 6AM wedding, I would have a number of questions rolling through my mind… One: Is there enough concealer in the world to hide the circles under my eyes at that hour? Two: Would coffee and danishes be served?

Because my mind and body doesn’t function well without anything in it. I’d probably walk straight into a pew! Three: Can you do an Evite so I can at least see if anyone else is going to show up at something that early? And maybe the women can post what they’re wearing in their RSVP response… That would totally help me decide what I’m wearing.
This article shows the “mass weddings” that took place, mentions the rush to buy lottery tickets and the increase in births.  I appreciate how they looked at the date from many different perspectives and included symbolism and thoughts from many. In addition, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the picture of the mass wedding in the Philippines. I’m half Filipino, and I find it humorous that any news mentioned about the Philippines has to do with an extreme shoe fetish, extreme religious practices, or extreme weddings.

Ok, all kidding aside. What IS the big deal about the date?

This date only comes once every 100 years and has brought emotions of hope, faith and positivity around the world amongst so many different peoples and cultures. I strongly believe that thoughts are energy, and anything that unites people’s “positive thought energy” on the scale that 11.11.11 had, is HUGE and incredibly healing!

Some, like this article, believe there is a cosmic shift in awareness taking place. Others simply believe it’s a lucky day simply because of its rare occurrence, or that the day is a blessed day. I don’t know much about him, but famous “spoon-bender” Uri Geller has a number of ideas surrounding the number 11. Some feel the date is connected to the 2012 phenomena and in Numerology, 11 is the first Master Number you encounter.

For me, the date was significant because I felt it totally jived with my personal Life Path/Master Number 33, which is also what you get when you add the 11’s. I’m not pagan or Wiccan, but I found it interesting and powerful that the night before was a full moon, which symbolizes the opportune time to attract what you most want in life. The peak of growth and potential.

Personally, I knew I was going to do SOMETHING on this date, but didn’t know what. I’ve been feeling a personal shift for a number of months now and it seems like certain areas of my life have been: picking up momentum, finding serenity or needing to be “let go”. I really felt drawn to doing something outdoors and wanted to relish in just “being”.

So I flipped the switch on my super-hero spotlight and tossed the idea out to my like-minded girlfriends that I endearingly call the “Psy-Chicks”, to see who was game in joining me and was happy to have positive response with a handful of us deciding to meet up.

So what to do…

I followed my intuition and quickly put some ideas to paper on how we could make the most of the day and wanted to focus on: clearing things that no longer serve our highest good, honoring and appreciating the things we’re grateful for and lastly, sending out intentions on the things we want to attract into our lives.

“Releasing” and “Letting Go” of what no longer serves our highest good…
In order to bring things into our life, we often have to let go of things. For anyone in a 9 personal cycle, this especially rings true.  Clearing the old to bring in the new. It’s amazing how much emotional gunk we carry around for far too long in our lives and it ends up clouding our vision to where we can’t see what’s really important. Or to where we can’t see the direction and guidance we’re seeking in life.  This gunk can become toxic to us, even manifesting itself in our body when it truly becomes all consuming.

So we all created a list of the things that we wanted to make peace with, to let them go. We internalized the growth and guidance of those challenges, and we released the negativity or difficult emotions that surrounded them so that we could see the beauty in their wisdom.

Showing gratitude for all the things we appreciate…
It’s so important to take the time to reflect on all the things surrounding us that we truly appreciate in our lives, whether it be friends, family, health, financial security, etc.
Like the Four of Cups card, we often fall into the trap of focusing on what we DON’T want in life. I honestly believe that helps attract our “don’ts” that much quicker into our lives. So I wanted to take a few minutes for us to raise our vibrations by putting our focus on all the things we’re honored to have in our lives by not taking them for granted.

Personally, I thank God/the Creator/the Universe on a regular basis for the happiness brought in to my life, but it was incredibly powerful doing that as a group. It was a great way to help to anchor any intentions we put out there for the things we wanted to bring into our lives.


Intentions and manifestation… bring it on baby!
If you’re not familiar with “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne or other books about the Law of Attraction, the idea of manifestation is that thoughts are energy, and EVERYTHING is energy. That like magnets, “Like” attracts “Like”, and when we send intentional thoughts for what we want in life, that our thoughts will “attract” or “manifest” those things into our lives.It was fun to discuss what manifestation means to us and our past experiences where we felt we we were able to implement it into fruition.11:11 AM… a moment of stillness…
As a group we sat in silence and meditated the minutes surrounding 11:11am, which was AWESOME! The energy from our group and time was incredible.

Burn baby, burn!
After we all pulled ourselves out of the meditation, we trekked out to the fire pit to burn our lists.
We all held hands surrounding the fire pit as the paper burned. I chuckled because I’m sure the neighbors thought we all looked like the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, sans Maggie Smith with her Oxygen tank (love her!). The sage-laced smoke surrounded and enveloped us as the lists disappeared only to be replaced with char and feathered ashes.

The moment was more than I expected and was quickly added to my Gratitude list as one of the coolest experiences of the year. It was cleansing on so many different levels and I was honored to be spending it in the company of such amazing friends.

For me, 11.11.11 wasn’t about lottery tickets, or weddings. But in a way, it was about birth. Birth of a new self liberated by the shedding of negative emotions and limitations. It was about giving myself needed attention and allowing myself to “be” in the stillness, so I can be ready for all the incredible things and experiences coming my way.

You may or may not believe in some of the theories and beliefs surrounding significant dates, numbers, or planetary shifting. And I don’t expect everyone to feel the same way I do.  All I know is, whether the date truly had cosmic significance or not, I made it a day of significance to me.

We all have the power to make a day “magical” in our lives whether there is any religious or spiritual validity to it or not. 

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
– Albert Einstein, In Perspective


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  1. Lee

    I’m glad we had time to share, release, reinvent, manifest, and feast. Was happy to provide the sealed space for all in attendance and will gladly open my space again for wonderful gatherings. Gratitude for the opportunity of having this human experience.


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